Create Your Own Beerfest – The Session #130

The Session is a monthly beer blogging get together where a different host each month proposes a topic and beer bloggers around the world blog on that chosen topic.  Sudsy Style has never participated before, but December 2017's topic, put forth by Brian Yeager (author of "Red, White and Brew" and "Oregon Breweries") is one that is near and dear to our hearts, so here's our first ever The Session entry – Create Your Own Beerfest.

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Everybody knows that Sudsy Style is all about combining a fit and healthy lifestyle with beer.  So if we were to host a beer festival, we would design it around these two themes.

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Since nobody wants to drink before…11 a.m., our beer festival would start with a 5K fun run, yoga classes or military-style obstacle course (choose your own adventure).  Even after beer starts pouring, there would be a fitness expo ongoing alongside the beer festivities.  And beer samples would be offered in 4-ounce servings or full pints, so that festivalgoers could have the option to walk around the fitness expo, learning about the latest in fitness gear, with beer in hand.

a group of beer festivalgoers having fun - sudsy style, beer fashion for your beer passion

Lastly, would limit the breweries at our beer festival to those that have a fitness theme.  Off the top of our heads, we would invite Cycler's Brewing (Montgomery, Texas), Bicycle Craft Brewery (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), Ghost Runners Brewery (Vancouver, Washington), Surf Brewery (Ventura, California), Sufferfest Beer Company (San Francisco, California), Rincon Brewery (Carpinteria, California), Left Field Brewery (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and Center Ice Brewery (St. Louis, Missouri).  But there must be many others, so leave us a comment with what breweries you'd like us to invite to our beer festival!  And what fitness companies would you like to see at the fitness expo?

dozens of beer taps at a beer festival

Cheers and namaste!

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