The Best Breweries for Food

We love visiting breweries, but sometimes the food, if there even is any, is a mere afterthought.  That said, we've visited some great breweries that had not only great beer, but great food to match.  If you need a bite to eat on your tour of breweries, check out these amazing brewpubs and brewery taprooms:

3 Floyds Brewing (Munster, IN) – Approximately 40 minutes away from downtown Chicago is the world-class 3 Floyds Brewing.  While 3 Floyds Brewing has a reputation for amazing beer and a heavy metal vibe, the food is at least as good as the beer, and that's no small feat.  Duck confit dumplings.  Mac and cheese with Mornay sauce.  Ramen as good as you'll find in Japan.  If you're visiting Chicago, trust us when we tell you that a visit to Munster is worth it just to go to 3 Floyds Brewing.

A bowl of ramen and a glass of beer at 3 Floyds Brewing Co. in Munster, Indiana - Sudsy Style - Beer fashion for your beer passion

Band of Bohemia Culinary Brewhouse (Chicago, IL) – Band of Bohemia is a culinary brewhouse and the first brewpub in the world to earn a coveted Michelin star.  You can order food a la carte, but we recommend the tasting menu, with which you can choose either a beer pairing or a wine pairing.  But if you're reading this blog, wine is not what you're after, is it?

Band of Bohemia in Chicago, Illinois - Sudsy Style - Beer fashion for your beer passion 

San Servolo Beer & Steakhouse (Croatia) – Croatia has a small, but rapidly growing craft beer scene and Pivovara San Servolo is at the forefront.  They take a culinary approach to their beer as evidenced by the amazing menu at their steakhouse.  And did you know Croatia is famous for their truffles?  Amazing beer.  Delicious steak.  Rich truffles.  San Servolo Beer & Steakhouse also has a killer view of the surrounding countryside, but you'll be too busy staring at your fork to appreciate it.

A dish of risotto and truffles at San Servolo Beer & Steakhouse in Croatia - Sudsy Style - Beer fashion for your beer passion

Last Best Brewing & Distilling (Calgary, Canada) – It's a brewery.  It's a distillery.  And it's got great food.  Calgary is known for meat, so Last Best Brewing & Distilling offers chicken, beef, bison and lamb.  Sure, there are fish and vegetarian dishes, too.  But nobody goes to New England without trying clam chowder and nobody goes to Germany without trying bratwurst.  Similarly, you cannot visit Calgary and not have some meat.  They don't call it "Cowtown" for nothin'.  Oh.  And don't forget to drink the IPA.  They brew 'em big and bold at Last Best Brewing & Distilling.

Drink beer. Live forever. - Sign over the kitchen at Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary, Alberta - Sudsy Style - Beer fashion for your beer passion

Blue Star Brewing (San Antonio, TX) – Blue Star Brewing proves the simple food can be amazing.  Nothing is "drizzled" or "deconstructed" or "served three ways."  Everything is simple.  And delicious.  Simply delicious.  The key is fresh ingredients and giving a damn.  After eating at Blue Star Brewing, we changed the way we cook at home.  True story.

A taster flight of beers at Blue Star Brewing in San Antonio, Texas - Sudsy Style - Beer fashion for your beer passion

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