More than just bourbon, Louisville is a slugger of a beer town

Louisville is synonymous with bourbon and baseball bats.  But this Kentucky city of less than 1 million people has some great breweries.  Whether you're visiting as a baseball fan, to take the urban bourbon trail, the Kentucky Derby or the Muhammad Ali Center, be sure to slake your thirst for beer by visiting these great beer places:

Against the Grain Brewery – Easily the most revered brewery in Kentucky is Louisville's Against the Grain Brewery.  Against the Grain Brewery is so globally-respected that they've partnered with other world-class breweries such as Brouwerij De Molen, 3 Floyds Brewing, BrewDog and Cloudwater Brew Co.  If you only go one place in Louisville, make it Against the Grain Brewery.

Sampler Tray of beers at Against the Grain Brewery (Louisville, Kentucky) - Sudsy Style - beer fashion for your beer passion

Sergio's World Beers – Sergio's World Beers has thousands – that's right, THOUSANDS – of beers available in bottle, kept in a never-ending library of coolers and some of the most interesting draft offerings on its 40+ taps.  When you go, chances are you'll meet Sergio himself who will happily pour you a draft beer while you walk around the coolers picking your next beers.  It's worth going just to see the single greatest collection of beer…probably in the world.

A glass of beer at Sergio's World Beers in Louisville, Kentucky- Sudsy Style - beer fashion for your beer passion

Goodwood Brewing – Everybeer at Goodwood has touched wood in some way (which makes drinking all the beer lucky, right?).  Whether it's been barrel-aged or had wood chips added, any beer you order is bound to be interesting and educational

sampler tray of beers at Goodwood Brewing (Louisville, Kentucky)- Sudsy Style - beer fashion for your beer passion

Gravely Brewing Co. – When we visited, Gravely Brewing Co. was just one week old.  But they were already pumping out delicious beers as varied as La Bamba Mexican Lager to Sweet Stout O' Mine.  We suggest ordering a sampler tray (you know how much we love those), but if you only have one beer, make it That Cherry Bomb, a stout brewed with cherry purée.  Gravely delicious.

Gravely Brewing Co. in Louisville, Kentucky- Sudsy Style - beer fashion for your beer passion

HopCat – HopCat is an amazing chain of beer focussed restaurants now with 15 locations, including Louisville.  They like to focus on local breweries, so you're bound to find something good to drink.  And the food?  Awesome!  A body isn't built on beer alone, so go to HopCat for and a great pint!

logo of HopCat (Louisville, Kentucky)- Sudsy Style - beer fashion for your beer passion

Visit Louisville!  Their beer scene has knocked it out of the park!

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